The student company is an entrepreneurship study programme for upper secondary school students, which promotes studying using business activities. The student company operates only during the academic year (9 months) and has at least three members (but no more than 5). Student companies must only include students (supervised by a teacher), they choose a product, decide on positions and tasks, earn salary, keep accounts and on discontinuation compile a final activity report. The student company participates in student company fairs and other events, where communication and sales skills, teamwork, planning, and other useful skills are learned. At student company fairs the best sellers, the best looking stalls, and the most interesting products and services are chosen. Form 11 students can start a student company as their practical assignment at upper secondary school. The student company programme is coordinated by Junior Achievement Estonia. Additional information:

In 2021/2022, there are 9 student companies in Võru State Upper Secondary School. Students are supervised by Maivi Liiskmann.