1784 – The state bought Võru mansion from baron Carl Ludwig von Mengden for 57,000 roubles and gave it to the magistrates and the court.
1792 – A German-language mixed primary school, which was set up in the mansion, was founded.
1797 After the change in the administrative system, the court, the school and the schoolmaster's apartment remained in the mansion.
1804 On September 15, Võru 3-class German-language regional school was opened at Turu Street 1.
1805 The house went through extensive renovations. The county court moved out and the entire building became a schoolhouse.
1830 – During the reconstruction, the façade was altered, the main entrance was replaced with a window and the entrance was moved into the courtyard.
1887 – The regional school was changed into a town school.
1910 – The second storey was added to the building (architect Aleksei Kieselbasch).
1913 – The town school became a 4-class higher primary school for boys, named after Alexander I.
1915-1917 – Riga Alexander Secondary School, which was brought to Võru because of the war, operated in the same building along with the higher primary school.
1917 – Both, the higher primary school and Riga Alexander Secondary School evacuated from Võru in autumn.
1917-1920 – The Võru department of the Red Cross hospital located in the building.
1920 In autumn, the second mixed primary school was brought to the building in Turu Street. Võru Agricultural School started work in the same building.
1921 Võru Teachers' Seminar started work in January, the festive opening ceremony was held on March 13, 1921. Until the autumn of 1922, three schools worked in the building in Turu Street.
1922 – A training school comprising students of the town’s primary schools was set up. Initially it worked at the seminar’s house. In 1923, the adjoining house was built and the second storey was added. As of 1924/25, the school functioned as a 6-class primary school.
1930 – On August 1, the teachers' seminar was closed and the first primary school in Võru, Peterson School (later Võru 1st Basic School), moved into the building. The wooden house of the training school was given to Võru Industrial School.
1944 During the war, the house burnt down and was restored in a slightly modified form.
1962-1965 – In the course of extensive renovations, central heating was installed and a grey-brick building was added.
2014 In June, renovation and construction works for opening Võru State Upper Secondary School were started.
2015 – On August 31 Võru State Upper Secondary School started work in the renovated manor house and a new building.